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Going out on adventures and exploring new places is always fun with your furry little friend, and you may have thought that was only possible on land, but think again! Water adventures are possible with the right equipment and no better starting point than with a kayak!

We have looked at a variety of best kayak for dogs out there and come up with our list of the Top 5 best kayak for dogs below, taking into the most important factors such as durability, stability and comfort for both you and your dog. For us, the pick of the bunch and also the best priced option is the Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak. For the price, you’re not going to find anything better and due to its popularity it tends to sell out quite quickly, but they do come back in stock seasonally so don’t worry too much about that. Infact, the others on the list are excellent options as well and really the only fact you will have to consider is the look/design of each and your budget you’re looking to spend on a kayak. The great thing with all of these options is that they are durable and will last you a long time, so when you are purchasing these, know that these will last you a while and you will not have to worry about replacing them any time soon. 

Just bear in mind that due to the recent surging popularity in kayaks, the good ones do tend to go out of stock quickly, but they do come back just timing is a bit unknown. Anyway, hopefully you can make an informed choice from the list below, we’ve included the important details you’d want to know before buying and not wanting to overwhelm you with too many design features that really don’t affect your purchasing decision. 

Top 5 Best Kayak for Dogs at a Glance


1.     Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak (Best Overall & Best Budget Option)


  • 3 Person Load Capacity         
  • High-Frequency Welded seam
  • Suitable up to Class III

Verdict: The Sea Eagle SE370K is our top pick and also the best budget option available. It is a comfortable yet spacious kayak that offers a perfect water adventure for you and your dog. It can hold two adults and a child or your little furry dog. However, if you want to ensure maximum comfort, it can be suitable for two adults or maybe you and your big furry friend at a time. The seating of Sea Eagle has been perfectly designed to ensure maximum comfort for you and your dog.

The material used in manufacturing the Inflatable Sea Eagle Kayak is also 100% tear-resistant and can hold an extensive weight of up to 650 pounds. The floor of the kayak has been made with 5 I-beam tubes so that it can bear the weight without putting it on the side chambers and simplifying paddling.

This kayak offers double inflatable seats, two paddles, and a foot pump at a much lighter weight, which makes it a premium choice. You and your dog can experience an enjoyable adventure inside the waters by having the Sea Eagle kayak by your side. 


  • Perfect stability 
  • Spacious enough to accommodate large dogs 
  • Inflatable and lightweight 


  • Slightly large, but not an issue really for most people 

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2.    Perception Pescador Pro 12 (Best Premium Option)



  • Two gear tracks Fishfinder console
  • Replaceable skid plate
  • Battery compartment

Verdict: The Perception Pescador Pro 12 is our pick of the premium options out there and has been specifically designed for those that want to go fishing with their dog. I mean it can be used for other purposes too, but if fishing is your thing, then this is perfect for you. It is also all quality in design being made with high-density polythene to ensure maximum stability and durability as the best kayak for dogs. 

The best one-paddler kayak also has an integrated removable seat that can be adjusted in an upright or a recliner position. It also has built-in space in the form of a cup-holder, a tank-well with bungee, a recessed tackle box storage, and a center console that can be utilized to carry your fishing equipment. An excellent choice for those willing to spend a little more on quality. 


  • Perfect for fishing adventures (although can be used for other purposes on the water)
  • Lightweight and easy to move around inside waters
  • Spacious enough to accommodate you, your furry friend, and even the fishing equipment 


  • Though it has a lot of space, most of that is designed for storage purposes and cannot accommodate large dogs.

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3.    Lifetime 10-Foot Sport Fisher (Best Value Option)


  • 10-Foot Compact Length for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Seating
  • UV-Protected Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Rotational Molded Construction

Verdict: Lifetime Sport Fisher is our pick of the best value options for the best kayak for dogs we’ve researched. It has been made with polythene plastic to guarantee long-term durability, but the material makes it a little heavier. The stability of its design allows you even to stand or sit side-saddle while fishing without the fear of tripping. Also, the stability of this sports kayak lets you enjoy being on the water even with large-sized dogs.

If you want a comfortable fishing or kayaking experience with your dog, this is a great value choice for everything it offers for the price. 


  • Perfectly designed for all water adventures
  • Offers efficient tracking options 
  • Highly stable to carry even large-size dogs 


  • Heavier in weight and might require more effort in paddling 

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4.    Sevylor Coleman Colorado Tandem Inflatable (Best Portable Option)


  • 18-gauge PVC construction
  • Multiple air chambers 
  • 840D nylon cover 

Verdict: Sevylor Coleman is a perfectly designed inflatable kayak to accommodate two adults (or one person with a dog). It has 1000 denier tarpaulin used in the foundation and 840 denier nylon on top to offer the most reliable, durable, puncture-resistant kayak for dogs. 

It has two adjustable seats with an option to move one seat closer to another so your dog can feel comfortable while kayaking. Also, Sevylor is a spacious kayak with lots of storage space and paddle holders integrated. 


  • Inflatable kayak so you can carry around without hassle
  • Stronger material that can offer 100% stability and durability 
  • Enough space to accommodate even large-sized dogs


  • The deflation process is a little time-consuming, but not really an issue for most people

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5.    Perception Kayak High Life 11 (Best Durable Option)



  • Leak-proof design
  • Comfort carry handles
  • Elevated seat with thick padding

Verdict: Perception Kayak High Life 11 is the pick of the best durable options in our list of best kayak for dogs as it offers comfortable kayaking and paddling options, made from materials that will last you a long time. With a non-slippery deck so you can paddle easily, and offers ample space to accommodate almost any size of dog. It also comes with a spacious storage area in the shape of a cup holder, rear tank-well, and much more. A really good choice. 


  • Offers easy climbing for both dogs and humans 
  • Portable enough to carry wherever you want 
  • Dog-friendly and lets you enjoy at best


  • Do not have all the features of other kayaks, but great for the price.

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Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying a Kayak for Your Dog 

Now that you know all the five best kayak for dogs, you just are wondering what things to consider when picking the one. We’ve got your back by listing the three most important things to consider here!

1. Dog-Friendly Material for best kayak for dogs

The best kayak for dogs is the one that has been made with perfect yet dog-friendly material. It shall be made with comfortable yet tear-resistant materials so your furry friend can experience fun while kayaking inside the waters with you. 

2. Stability & Width

Since you’d be carrying your dog in the kayak, you must consider its stability and width when buying. It shall be wide and spacious enough to accommodate your dog comfortably and stable enough to offer a safe and reliable water adventure. 

3. Weight Capacity

The best kayak for dogs can be the one that can bear their weight hassle-free. Thus, you must consider the weight capacity before buying a kayak and ensure it can carry your dog’s weight.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.      What kayak is best to use with a dog? 

A Kayak that offers the best functionality and comfort is best to use with a dog. 

2.      Is it safe to kayak with a dog? 

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to kayak with a dog if your equipment is reliable. 

3.      How do I make my kayak dog friendly? 

A kayak that is made with comfortable material and can offer ample accommodation is 100% dog-friendly.

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