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Are you tired of how small and tight your living room feels because of your sofa? Do you sit in the office all day and get stiff and sore all the time? Then maybe it is time to get a swivel chair!

Swivel chairs allow you to easily switch between sitting and standing and provide an extra layer of comfort when working on your computer.

There are a ton of swivel chairs on the market. How can you know which one is right for you? Here are the five best swivel chairs to pick from for your living room.

Our Top 5 Best Swivel Chairs For Living Room


1.   Carter’s by DaVinci (Best Overall)


  • FSC-certified wood
  • Water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric

Verdict: This high-quality chair is perfect for any living room and is our Top Overall Choice on the list. It’s comfortable, stylish, and comes in an armchair style. The Carter’s by DaVinci Swivel Chair is also perfect for a nursery. You can rock your baby to sleep or read them a book while relaxing in comfort and style.

The chair is made of a soft and durable Microfiber upholstery that is easy to clean, making it the perfect chair for a home with children. The seat cushion is filled with high-density foam for extra comfort, and the frame is made of hardwood for durability. The chair also has a 360-degree swivel function and comes with caster wheels for easy mobility, making this a perfect edition to any home where you may wish to move the chair around multiple rooms. It is one of the best swivel chairs for living rooms, for certain.


  • Great quality material
  • Doubles as home decor


  • A little heavy to move around

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2.    CHITA Swivel Accent Chair Armchair (Best For Sturdiness)


  • Comfortable with its shoulder-blade-high backrest and heavy-filled foam cushioning
  • Graceful silhouette with sloped arms

Verdict: If you’re looking for a chair with special features and extra comfort, look no further than the  Chita Swivel Accent Chair Armchair Round Barrel Chair. This chair features a swiveling armrest and a 360-degree swiveling base for comfortable sitting. The armrest is made from solid wood and can rotate up to 120 degrees and swivel between vertical and horizontal positions.

The chair also features a round barrel seat with an adjustable tilt mechanism, so you can adjust the chair in increments of 5 degrees to achieve the perfect sitting angle for watching TV, reading, and chatting to friends and family. It has a sturdy metal frame that’s been tested to hold up to 100 pounds of weight. 

The chair is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and can fit up to two adults in it comfortably. The chair’s seat height ranges from 24 to 36 inches, depending on the size of the person sitting in it. It also has a seat depth of 15 inches. All the materials used are top-notch and sturdy enough to last many years of usage.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable


  • Not the best for tall people

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3.    DaVinci Maddox Recliner and Swivel Glider (Easy To Assemble)


  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Designed For Parents And Babies

Verdict: The DaVinci Maddox recliner and Swivel Glider is a great swivel chair for home usage as it is made from extremely high-quality materials. It has two strong casters, a large base, and a nice armrest. You can move it around smoothly and easily. The Maddox is technically more of a lounge chair, so it’s extremely comfortable, but as it’s not too big it easily doubles as a swivel chair and looks great in any living room, dining room, or patio.

The DaVinci Maddox swivels effortlessly with 360 degrees of movement, and it’s extremely stable and sturdy. It is the best swivel chair for any living room.


  • High-quality construction, durability, and stability
  • Comfortable and very durable
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, and stylish


  • Not suitable for heavier or larger individuals

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4.    Volans Swivel Chair (Best For Comfort)


  • Simple yet beautiful
  • Swivel function

Verdict: The Volans Swivel Chair from Sunward Design is an innovative, high-quality chair designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. The chair can swivel 360 degrees as well as tilt backwards, so you can position yourself however you like and enjoy your TV, book, or conversation from any angle. It also features soft cushions on the seat which provide excellent support for your lower back and shoulders. In fact, the cushions are adjustable and can provide a custom fit, further promoting relaxation. All in all, the Volans Swivel Chair from Sunward Design is a great way to add a new layer of comfort and style to your home.


  • Comfortable and durable


  • On the expensive side

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5.    Rosevera Hearst Swivel (Best For Back Support)


  • Fashionable
  • 360-degree rotation

Verdict: These Rosevera Hearst swivels are some of the best swivel chairs on the market. Made from durable, high-quality materials like solid stainless steel, they nevertheless provide stability and comfort and are suitable for kids and adults alike. They’re designed to last for many years, but even the best swivels have their limits and the metal can begin to fail or disintegrate. That’s why Rosevear offers the longest warranties on swivels across the market. The chairs also highly versatile and can be used for sitting and lounging on the floor, in a chair, or even as a standing desk.


  • They’re very sturdy and durable
  • You can easily adjust the height of the seat


  • The arms are not adjustable

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Buying Guide for Best Swivel Chairs for Living Rooms

1. Quality of the Chair

You’ll want to choose a chair that excels at both durability and longevity. Most of the chairs you find today are made of plastic or metal frames. It’s important that you get a chair that lasts and is designed for long-term use. The material of your chair should be comfortable, and you will want to avoid any chairs that look cheap.

2. Size of the Chair

Choose a chair that is a good size for you and your space. You may find that there are a lot of chairs that are available to buy that aren’t ideal for you. There are also other factors to take into consideration when choosing the right chair, so make sure to consider all the factors before settling on your final purchase.

3. Comfort

Your comfort will also play a significant role in the overall selection of your new chair. If you have an office desk, you’re probably spending most of your time in that chair, so you will want a chair that will keep you comfortable and support your lower and upper back. You may also find that you want to sit in a certain way, so it’s important that the chair you select can support your posture and keep you sitting upright.

So Who Wins?

For us, the Carter’s by DaVinci is the best swivel chair for living rooms in our opinion. It comes with arm and back options, an adjustable height, and the ability to swivel 360 degrees. It has a beautiful style, is very comfortable, and can be used as a sitting chair, reading chair, or lounger. It is by far the most versatile option on the market, and the one we would recommend you have a closer look at.

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